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The fastest way to grow your business with the leader in Payments Are you concerned with your traditional revenue streams? Moneta Pay Station is here to help!

Moneta makes it rewarding easy fast to accept and make payments.

Long Distance

Prepaid long distance products assign a distinct number of long distance minutes with select foreign and domestic calling destinations.

Prepaid Wireless

Prepaid wireless products allow individuals to purchase a predefined number of wireless minutes without having to pass a credit application or sign a long-term wireless plan.

International Top-Ups

International Top-Ups presently the fastest growing prepaid category–enable people living or working abroad to instantly recharge mobile phones of friends and family back home.

Bill Payments

Bill Payment solutions add convenience for customers and drive greater traffic into stores. New billers are continually added to the system thus driving increased transaction volume. This type of service fosters merchant loyalty to our diverse product and service offering.


Pin-less products a new entrant into the prepaid market, pin-less products allow consumers to tie multiple telephone lines – either cell and/or land lines – together and link them to a common account that has been pre-funded and can be replenished at any time.

Document Payments

Moneta is presently providing Document and Toll Payments for SunPass in Florida, EZPass for MTA in New York, and FasTrak for Golden Gate Bridge/Bay Area Transit Authority and Transportation Corridor Agency in northern and southern California respectively.

Make it Convenient. Make it Secure. Make it Easy.

Moneta Pay Station. The self-serve solution that never sleeps.

Who We Are

Moneta – In Roman mythology, Moneta (“one who warns”) is a Goddess of memory, prosperity, finances and money. The English word money derives from her name. Moneta was also the name of the temple of Juno Moneta in Rome, where a mint was. Moneta Kiosk, LLC (“Moneta”) is a financial services technology company that specializes in processing bill payment transaction through a secure, multi-channel, cloud-based platform. As a “payments technology” company, Moneta combines software platforms and transaction processing capabilities to serve its customers.

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