Solutions For Wireless Carriers

Real-time processing capabilities, accurate payment posting, guaranteed funding.

Moneta can provide wireless carriers and other billers with a number of payment solutions including a system designed specifically for use in their authorized dealer channel and/or company operated locations.

Moneta currently provides carriers like Digicel with exactly these kinds of services.

Benefits to Billers
  • A branded user experience custom for your organization
    • Drive traffic to your store
    • Gain customer retention
    • Increase revenue by offering new services at the store such as bill payment, money transfer, check cashing, and more...
    • If you already offer bill payments perhaps Moneta has access to billers you don't or has more expedient posting times for certain billers (i.e. real-time and same day posting)
  • Real-time posting capabilities
  • Push notifications, usage dashboard, and payment history functionality
  • Indexing of payment methods and account information
  • Social networking integration

Retailers & Payment Network Providers

Increase foot traffic, customer retention, and access to a new revenue stream, by leveraging Moneta's direct biller relationships.

Moneta has real time and near-Real time posting capabilities for thousands of National and Regional billers in the Mobile, Utility and Cable/Satellite space and non-expedited payment capabilities for 2000+ additional billers. That means there are hundreds of thousands of customers looking to pay their bills through Moneta. Why not let them pay in your store every month?

Benefits to Retailers:
  • Reliable, real-time payment posting regardless of whether transaction originates in dealer, corporate or third party retail locations
  • One stop, user friendly reporting and reconciliation tools
  • One point of reconciliation and guaranteed funding regardless of Moneta's ability to collect
  • Ensure customers receive a predictable, high quality user experience that includes account verification, balance presentment to ensure that customers pay the correct amount, and real time posting a strict requirement for expedited payment services.

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