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Moneta – In Roman mythology, Moneta (“one who warns”) is a Goddess of memory, prosperity, finances and money. The English word money derives from her name. Moneta was also the name of the temple of Juno Moneta in Rome, where a mint was. Moneta Kiosk, LLC (“Moneta”) is a financial services technology company that specializes in processing bill payment transaction through a secure, multi-channel, cloud-based platform. As a “payments technology” company, Moneta combines software platforms and transaction processing capabilities to serve its customers.



Financial Services Kiosks function as 'reverse ATMs' and operate as self-serve devices for secure and convenient customer access to cash-based financial transactions in convenience stores, groceries, and other retail locations.

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Real time bill payment solutions for retailers via Moneta's own over the counter POS technology or direct integration (APIs) into Moneta's processing systems.


Moneta is an industry disruptor with the first fully functional mobile bill pay application for iPhone, Android, and BlackBerry phones and tablets.

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